Add line breaks on Instagram captions

Use this free tool to add simple clean line breaks to your Instagram captions on your posts.

Instagram Line Break Tool

Instagram Line Break Tool

1. Type your Instagram caption below.

2. Use the 'Enter' key to create line breaks.

3. Click 'Generate' to prepare it for Instagram.

4. Copy the text from the 'Output' box using the 'Copy to Clipboard' button or manually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Instagram line break tool free to use?

Yes, this tool is completely free to use.

Can I create line breaks on Instagram from any device?

Yes, it's designed to work on any device. As long as your device has a web browser you can utilize it.

What is the maximum length of text I can use for the caption?

Instagram has a maximum character limit for caption set at 2,200 characters.

Is this tool only for Instagram or can be used for any social network?

You can use this tool for any social network.

What's the purpose of creating line breaks?

Creating line breaks for your Instagram captions or comments makes the text easier to read and also in addition to that looks more appealing to the reader.

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