AWeber is a popular tool for managing email lists, designing visually appealing emails, and automating follow-up sequences and offers a range of features such as email templates, autoresponders, analytics, and integrations with other platforms to streamline email marketing efforts for influencers.


AWeber offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: This plan allows you to have 500 subscribers and limited email list, landing page, email automation, and email support.
  • Lite: This plan costs $14.99 per month and allows you to unlimited subscribers and upgrades to landing pages, email automations, users, support. It also has an advanced message analytics.
  • Plus: This plan costs $29.99 per month and allows you to have unlimited subscribers, email lists, landing pages, email automations, custom segments, and users. You also have priority support, remove branding, advanced reporting and analytics, and advanced other features.
  • Unlimited: This plan costs $899 per month and allows you to have unlimited in everything.

Details and Features

AWeber's features include:

  • Email templates: AWeber offers a library of pre-made email templates that you can use to create your newsletters.
  • Automation: AWeber allows you to create automated email sequences that are triggered by certain events, such as a new subscriber signing up for your list or a customer making a purchase.
  • Segmentation: AWeber allows you to segment your subscribers into groups based on their interests, demographics, or purchase history. This allows you to send more targeted emails that are more likely to be opened and read.
  • Analytics: AWeber provides detailed analytics about your email campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates. This data can help you track the performance of your campaigns and make improvements.
  • A/B testing: AWeber allows you to A/B test your email campaigns to see which version performs better. This can help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Landing pages: AWeber allows you to create landing pages that you can use to capture leads and promote your products or services.

Pros and Cons


  • AI-powered email template designer for quick and stunning branded emails.
  • List management tools and sales tracking for efficient email campaigns.
  • Well-designed landing page templates and a user-friendly builder.
  • Responsive email templates and Canva integration.
  • Reasonably priced with a free plan option.
  • Supports AMP for email and web fonts in newsletters.
  • Easy setup for time-based autoresponders and imports.
  • Good customer support and integration options.


  • Charges for hosting unsubscribed contacts.
  • Limited capability for segmenting multiple audiences.
  • Some features are lacking compared to other marketing automation tools.
  • Customer support available only in English.
  • Higher pricing for larger subscriber counts.

How can AWeber benefit content creators and influencers?

AWeber can benefit content creators and influencers in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Grow your audience: AWeber can help you grow your audience by sending targeted emails to your subscribers.
  • Promote your content: AWeber can help you promote your content by including links to your latest blog posts or videos in your emails.
  • Build relationships with your subscribers: AWeber can help you build relationships with your subscribers by sending them valuable content and offers.

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