Is your platform free to join to receive free products?

Yes, anyone can sign up for free. If you’d like to receive products, simply sign up and connect your social networks.

I’m a member of a different influencer network. Can I join?

join? Yes, you can. We don’t have any non-compete agreements.

What is the minimum requirement to join as a consumer?

No minimum is required to join as a consumer, but the ideal would be 500 followers.

How many creators & consumers do you have signed up?

We have over 30,000 opt-in creators & consumers who have come to our website and signed up to be part of our product discoveries.

I work with an agency? Do I have to inform them?

Depending on the agreement you have signed with them you may have to inform them. Best thing is to contact them and ask in regards to free products. 

Is this platform self-served or managed?

We offer both. We have a self-serve model as well as a managed model where we manage everything for you.