Instagram Themes: How to Make Your Page More Attractive

Instagram Themes: How to Make Your Page More Attractive

Becoming an influencer is the ultimate goal of anyone with an Instagram account. Influencer marketing is one of the biggest moneymakers for companies on Instagram.

One of the ways to make your Instagram more attractive, bring more followers, and get you closer to becoming an influencer is theming your Instagram.

Instagram themes are a great way to set your page apart from others. It allows people to recognize you from the feel or tone of your pictures.

In this post, I talk about how to create an Instagram theme that will make your page more attractive.

Instagram Themes: Easy Ways to Make It Happen

What Makes A Theme Important Anyway?

An Instagram theme speaks to how you want to be represented. It’s how people recognize you on Instagram.

If a theme is done really well it sets you apart.

Some examples of amazing Instagram Themes:

  • @StellaMariaBaer – This artist uses a similar orangy pink color palette in all of her posts. It gives a warm and inviting feel to her page
  • @CestMaria – She uses a minimalist design and pastels in all of her images. This style makes her photos very recognizable and appealing.
  • @LaurenConrad – Lauren Conrad, who doesn’t know who she is. Using warm tones and an out-of-focus vibe she gives is an intimate feed. It’s like we are peaking in on her.

Different Ways to Achieve A Theme

There are tons of different ways to give your feed a themed look.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Always Use A Certain Object in Your Photos
    • It could be the teddy bear you’ve had since you were 3. A seashell you found in the south of France. An interesting gear you picked up on the sidewalk. Using the same object makes your feed into a fun “Where’s Waldo?” as your followers admire your beautiful images
  • Use the Same Filter
    • Using the same filter for every photo is an easy way to match the color palettes and feel of every post.
  • Crop Every Photo the Same Way
    • Maybe no one has heads in your Insta-verse. Cropping in specific and similar ways in every post keeps things interesting.
  • Use the Same Subject in Every Photo
    • Make your son the focus of your feed. Or your dog. Or your fish. Pick a subject and stick with ’em.
  • Strategize the Order of Your Post
    • Think about how the next five or nine images will look in the layout. Plan them out so they make one big image. Or make three photos be an entire landscape. Apps like Giant Square make this even easier.
  • Make the Setting the Theme
    • Always going to new and interesting places? Make all your photos of the door to your hotel. Or all your photos of the first cup of coffee you received at a destination. This gives interest and theme.

Knock ‘Em Dead

Whichever theme you choose to use; stick with it.

To get the full effect of theming it has to be used in a lot of images.

Your followers will come to expect what your posts look like or feel like.

If you break theme they may be confused or unfollow.

Once you’ve done the work of creating a theme, find some ways to get more followers on your Instagram here.

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite themed Instagram accounts!

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