Mastering Social Media: A Comprehensive Guide to ChatGPT Command Prompts

Social Media Command Prompts
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AI has changed the landscape in the way influencers, brands and marketers create and plan social media content. While human creativity is still important and no one can take away the human touch element, AI can certainly assistant and improve your social media game. Think of ChatGPT as your personal social media assistant.

Below are some command prompts that you can utilize. You can customize them to your need. These command prompts are just for idea’s sake to get you comfortable to create your own command prompts catered towards your own social media needs.


  1. "Suggest 10 Instagram content ideas about [topic]."
  2. "Draft an Instagram caption for my photo on [topic]."
  3. "What are some engaging Instagram Reel ideas on [topic]?"
  4. "Propose a series of Instagram Stories to promote [event/product]."
  5. "Craft a bio for my Instagram profile focused on [niche]."


  1. "Compose a Twitter thread delving into [topic]."
  2. "Craft 5 tweets highlighting the benefits of [product/service]."
  3. "Draft a tweet series about the recent updates in [industry]."
  4. "Engaging poll questions to gather feedback about [topic]."
  5. "Provide witty reactions to [current event/topic] for Twitter."


  1. "Content ideas for LinkedIn highlighting our company culture."
  2. "Draft a LinkedIn article discussing the future of [industry]."
  3. "LinkedIn post ideas to showcase our team's achievements."
  4. "Conversation starter posts related to [industry trend]."
  5. "LinkedIn captions to accompany articles on [topic]."


  1. "10 unique topic suggestions for YouTube videos."
  2. "Outline for a video tutorial on [topic]."
  3. "Engaging titles for a vlog series about [journey/experience]."
  4. "Draft a YouTube video description for content about [topic]."
  5. "Suggest interactive end-screen ideas to promote viewer engagement."


  1. "Provide themes for a Pinterest board centered around [topic]."
  2. "Pin description ideas for my new series about [topic]."
  3. "Content suggestions highlighting [product] for Pinterest."
  4. "Promotional pin ideas for our upcoming [event]."
  5. "Infographic topics related to [industry]."


  1. "Brainstorm TikTok video ideas for [topic]."
  2. "Catchy captions for a TikTok dance video."
  3. "Engaging TikTok challenges to promote [product/service]."
  4. "TikTok video ideas spotlighting user testimonials for [product]."
  5. "Draft a series of TikToks explaining [concept/idea]."

Universal Prompts

  1. "Engaging post ideas to promote [product/service]."
  2. "Social media content ideas related to [holiday/event]."
  3. "Announcement post drafts for [product launch/event]."
  4. "Content suggestions for user engagement and feedback collection."
  5. "Brainstorm behind-the-scenes content ideas."

By leveraging these prompts, you'll be well-equipped to create diverse and engaging content across multiple socail platforms. Remember, with social media, consistency is key, but creativity is crucial. Use these prompts to fuel both!

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