Patreon is a membership platform that allows content creators, such as artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives, to earn money from their work by offering exclusive content and perks to their supporters, known as "patrons." Patrons can subscribe to different tiers of membership, and in return, they gain access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes updates, early releases, and other rewards. Patreon provides a sustainable way for creators to monetize their work and build a community of dedicated fans who support their artistic endeavors on an ongoing basis.


Patreon offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: Provides immediate access to a powerful set of features, including a customizable creator page, native video support, podcast RSS feeds, multimedia publishing, and analytics.
  • Pro: Costs 8% of the income you earn on Patreon, along with payment processing, currency conversion, payout fees, and applicable taxes. It includes monthly and annual subscriptions, premium member benefits, membership tiers, community engagement tools, member analytics, free trials, special offers, and priority customer support.
  • Premium: Costs 12% of the income you earn on Patreon, along with payment processing, currency conversion, payout fees, and applicable taxes. It includes everything in the Pro plan, as well as a dedicated Partner Manager, Merch for Membership, and Team Accounts.

Details and Features

Patreon's features include:

  • Create a Patreon page: Patreon makes it easy to create a Patreon page and start collecting patrons. You can customize your page with your own branding and content.
  • Set up a paywall: Patreon allows you to set up a paywall so that your patrons can access exclusive content. This could include videos, articles, or podcasts.
  • Send exclusive content: Patreon allows you to send exclusive content to your patrons, such as behind-the-scenes footage or early access to new content.
  • Create polls and surveys: Patreon allows you to create polls and surveys so that you can get feedback from your patrons.
  • Sell merchandise: Patreon allows you to sell merchandise to your patrons, such as t-shirts, mugs, or posters.
  • Track your analytics: Patreon provides detailed analytics so that you can track the performance of your Patreon page. This data can help you see how many patrons you have, how much money you're making, and where your patrons are coming from.
  • Integrations: Patreon integrates with a wide range of other applications, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. This makes it easy to connect your Patreon page with your other online tools.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent customer service for creators using Patreon.
  • Steady and continuous growth of the Patreon community.
  • Smooth and efficient payment process for both creators and patrons.
  • Wide-ranging opportunities for creators to offer unique content and rewards to patrons.
  • Direct connection between creators and fans, fostering community and engagement.
  • Flexibility for creators to set their own rates and rewards.
  • No middleman, allowing creators to retain a larger portion of their income.


  • Search function and category tags could be further improved for better content discovery.
  • Flaws in the monthly campaign area may affect user experience.
  • Potential income fluctuations due to factors like patron fluctuations and campaign performance.
  • Limited audience compared to more mainstream platforms.
  • Running a Patreon campaign can be time-consuming for creators.

How can Patreon benefit content creators and influencers?

Patreon can benefit content creators and influencers in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Get paid by your fans: Patreon allows you to get paid by your fans on a recurring basis. This can help you generate a steady stream of income from your work.
  • Build a community: Patreon can help you build a community of engaged fans who are interested in your work. You can interact with your fans through polls, surveys, and other features.
  • Grow your audience: Patreon can help you grow your audience by making it easy to promote your Patreon page to your existing fans.
  • Increase your revenue: Patreon can help you increase your revenue by charging your fans for access to your exclusive content.

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