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Total Control

Chamboost gives you tools to take total control and make the magic happen. So all the power is given to you. You work directly with the creator without us interfering between you.
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Find Content Creators

Search for popular creators on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat. Make a list with whom you’d like to collaborate with.

Negotiate with Content Creators

Have Content Creators / Influencer Marketers display the content they created for you on their social pages to create brand awareness and help you grow your social presence.

Track Your Collaboration

Once the negation is done you can track your collaboration. Chat with content creators while they work on the collaboration.

Self Serve

You're in total control. You can run your campaign entirely the way you want with our Self Serve Platform.

Sophisticated engine

We have Integrated IBM Watson and Data to recommend you the best content creators to collaborate with

build lists / group

Organize yourself with lists of Creators you'd like to work with. Create multiple lists for different campaign goals.

Create content

Content is King. Get content created to use for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Social Media, and other Marketing needs.

verified contact info

Tap into our Opt-In Database where Creators have filled out info about themselves for the ease of brands to collaborate and contact them.

Native advertising

With Ad Blockers on the rise what better way to utilize Native Advertising via content creators on Social Media to reach your audience.

Influencer Content & Marketing — Made Easy

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