Turning potential consumers into content creators.

Distribute your product to the right consumer to utilize their creativity, influence and feedback for better marketing & advertising.  


Perfect for any business looking to distribute products or services

Why pay influencers to talk about your product when you can give away products to creators/consumers who genuinely want to try your product out? Leverage user-generated content for better marketing and advertising.

1. Create a Campaign

Create your campaign on our platform. Mention the product or service you'd like to give away. Select the audience you'd like to target.

2. Collaborate

Within a couple of days, you'll have many collaboration requests from genuinely interested consumers who want to try your product out. You select who you'd like to work with.

3. Get Reviews & Content at Scale

You'll start getting honest and unbiased reviews posted by consumer/creators on various social media platforms about your products and services.

4. Let the Magic Happen

You'll start to see your sales increase. License the best performing content and utilize it for other marketing purposes.

Ready to Scale with Chamboost?