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Twitch Income Calculator

Whether you want to do it as a full-time job or just make some extra cash on the side, our Twitch Income Calculator is a helpful tool that can help you know how much money you could make by streaming on Twitch and can help you plan and strategize your livestreams better. It helps you figure out roughly how much money you could earn on the platform based on your own streaming statistics such as your total amount of followers, total length of stream hours, average amount of live viewers, active chatters per stream, number of streams in a day, total channel views, and viewer demographic. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting out, this calculator can help you plan your streaming journey more effectively.

Streaming factors that affect how much income you can earn on Twitch

  • Total Followers - Having more followers can help you get more viewers. Focusing on building a community where people are active and engaged give you a better chance of gaining more followers as well as views.
  • Streaming Hours - Consistently streaming helps you build a loyal audience over time. The more hours you stream, the better your chances of getting more viewers, subscribers, and donations.
  • Audience Engagement - Having good engagements with your audience makes it more likely for them to support you with subscriptions, donations, and by telling others about your stream. Responding to viewers through chat, entertaining questions, and having genuine exchanges with your audience can help you create a strong community with a safe space they can also enjoy their time in.
  • Content Quality - The better your content, the more viewers you'll attract and keep. Streamers who create engaging and fun content tend to have more people watching them. Making sure your audios and videos are of good quality, having interesting visuals, and even using cool overlays can make viewers enjoy watching you more.

Other ways to make money on Twitch:

While viewership is essential to creating income and growing your own channel, be mindful that there are still a number of factors outside the scope of audience viewership that can help you earn even more on the platform.

  • Brand sponsorships - Streamers earn revenue when brands reach out and sponsor streamers with products they intend to have advertised or showcased during a livestream
  • Twitch Bits - Bits is Twitch’s virtual currency. Bits are what viewers use to redeem and send emotes to their favorite streamers.
  • Donations - Viewers are able to send monetary donations to streamers they wish to support
  • Merchandise Sales - Streamers are able to advertise and create sales with limited or customized merchandise
  • Affiliate marketing - Streamers are able to earn by promoting or advertising products and by using affiliate links that lets them earn a certain percentage from the number of sales of the product
  • Subscriptions - Subscribing gives exclusive access to viewers who wish to follow a streamer’s channel. Monthly subscription fees on Twitch. Twitch subscription fees depend on on 3 levels - $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99.
  • Advertisements - Advertising rates are not the same for every streamer. Income can range from 1 cent to 1 dollar for every view.

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