What are Nano Influencers? Guide to Nano Influencer Marketing.

Instagram’s 1 billion users establish it as a very beneficial social media platform in terms of popularity and appearance.

But, obviously, you are not the only one who knows of this app’s benefit and definitely not the only one trying to attain traffic on your Instagram page. There are millions of other users adopting the same techniques as you.

Therefore, you cannot grow with these common tricks; you need something new, leverage over the other.

Nano influencer can be your best shot here. They are trendy, famous, and, most of all, known to have a considerably low number of Instagram followers. Here’s what you should know about them.

Who Are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are small scale Instagram influencer who holds 1000 to 5000 active Instagram followers. They are the smallest category of Instagram influencers right next to macro-influencers and micro-influencers.

The category is also one of the unique variant as they share a much closer bond to their followers than large-scale accounts. Their small number also makes them invisible to most marketers, which is part of the reason; only a few users know the benefits of dealing with them.

Are Nano-Influencers Better?

While Nano-Influencers doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to macro and micro-influencer, they are actually better than both in multiple ways.

More Engagement Rates

The followers associated with the Nano-influencers are mostly their family members, friend, or known. Even if they are not, the small community keeps everyone close and develops a bond between all. Hence, these influencers achieve excellent hold over their followers. Digiday says they offer 8.7% engagement while the celebrity influencers provide only 1.7%.


Unlike celebrity influencers, Nano influencers are less into marketing and stuff. Thus, their posts are always real. This can come in handy for enhancing likes on your page.


This one is the most apparent benefit. These users are not professional marketers. They are on the platform just to interact and socialize. So, their charges will be minor compared to the established influencers.

How To Connect With Nano Influencers?

Like we stated earlier, the Nano influencers are not professional, so they care less about the sponsorship and more about the type of service you provide. Connecting with these people and promoting your page through them will be different, compared to your regular influencers. Here’s what you can do

Find The Right Candidate

Like every other marketing, the first step of connecting with a Nano influencer perfect candidate. You can start by searching for various profiles that fall under this group. Then you can filter the once that relates to your niche and will be to find a perfect candidate. You can start by searching for various profiles that fall under this group. Then you can filter the once that relate to your niche.

Share your vision

The next part of the connection will be to prove your value and worth. For this part, you can share a sample of your product or a trial of your service to the influencer. You can share them by direct contact or by Instagram messenger; it won’t matter as long as you serve quality.

Present An Offer

Discounted deals are always a market gainer, even in the case of Nano influencers. Here, you need to generate specific code for the influencer’s page. Anyone connected to them can use this code to get a discount. These influencers love their followers and always appreciate something that can add value to their lives.

Wrap up

Nano influencers are raising the category of social media drivers, who can create a massive difference for your page. So, connect with them and get the leverage you need to beat the high competition on Instagram.

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