What are Tiktok Coins? What are they used for?

Tiktok Coins

TikTok coins are Tiktok's own currency. You can buy them through your Credit Card or PayPal.

But what can you do with them? Here's a breakdown:

1. Gifting on TikTok Live

Use TikTok coins to buy gifts for content creators. Gifts have various prices, shown as emoticons. Creators can turn these gifts into money, making them like virtual tips.

When gifting on TikTok Live, the creator and viewers see who sent the gift. It's a way to get a shoutout.

How to Gift on Live:

1. Join the creator's TikTok Live.
2. Tap the gift box icon.
3. Choose a gift based on your coin balance.
3. Tap Send.

2. Gifting in the Comments.

If a creator doesn't go live, you can gift in their video comments.

How to Gift in Comments:

1. Find a creator's video.
2. Go to comments.
3. Tap the gift box icon.
4. Pick a gift, and hit Send.

3. Buying a TikTok Promotion

Boost your TikTok video for a set duration using TikTok Promote.

Promotion costs vary based on duration and desired views.

How to Buy a Promotion:

1. Pick a video to promote (avoid copyright issues).
2. Tap the three dots > fire icon.
3. Set your promotion goal (engagement, website visits, followers).
4. Pick your audience (either TikTok's choice or your custom choice).
5. Decide on budget and duration. Though it shows in dollars, you pay using TikTok coins.
6. Buy the promotion.

Costs range from about 506 coins ($5) to 707,072 coins ($7,000).

Are TikTok Coins Worth It?

If you want to support creators or boost your own content, TikTok coins are worth it. But if you don't use these features, you might not find the need for coins.

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